Total punishments on record: 22,867
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Recent Punishments

1 Week agoTF2SKuInpuV▓uVWsD┘0MS▓V┴s6uVMutemic spam24 hours
1 Week agoTF2CAlulunba1Mutemic spamRemoved
1 Week agoTF2USMiscreantMuteMicspam24 hours
2 Weeks agoTF2USnimbleBanAimbot.Permanent
2 Weeks agoTF2USANGERY SKELETON‏BanAimbot.Permanent
2 Weeks agoTF2BRVAADBanAimbotPermanent
2 Weeks agoTF2CAThe TF2 FriendlySilenceSpamming voice chat with music2 days
2 Weeks agoTF2USGobber the belchSilenceSpamming voice chat2 days
2 Weeks agoTF2BRgayBanAimbotPermanent
2 Weeks agoTF2USbuttnoseMuteMicSpam mute evasion (Vegito)24 hours
2 Weeks agoTF2US‏VegitoMuteMicSpam24 hours
2 Weeks agoTF2USMogBanAimbotPermanent
2 Weeks agoTF2CAifdd9289BanLMAOBox detected, goodbye.Permanent
3 Weeks agoTF2CAI_HAVE_MODSBanAimbot.Permanent
3 Weeks agoTF2USYup Kup (●€ ●?)Mutemicspam24 hours
3 Weeks agoTF2AU[FUX] | David WydMutemicspam24 hours
3 Weeks agoTF2Mutemicspam24 hours
3 Weeks agoTF2Banporn sprayPermanent
3 Weeks agoTF2Banchild porn sprayPermanent
3 Weeks agoTF2Banchild porn sprayPermanent
3 Weeks agoTF2USSPOOPGagracism23 hours
3 Weeks agoTF2Muteracism23 hours
3 Weeks agoTF2BRSuper GayBanAimbotPermanent
3 Weeks agoTF2Mutemicspam24 hours
3 Weeks agoTF2MutemicspamRemoved