Total punishments on record: 22,832
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Recent Punishments

1 Week agoTF2NZzafanusBanLMAOBox detected, goodbye.Permanent
1 Week agoTF2NZNOThackingJUSTproBanLMAOBox detected, goodbye.Permanent
4 Weeks agoTF2USSup4c4t_KickRacism.N/A
1 Month agoTF2USleavemealonecrap456BanLMAOBox detected, goodbye.Permanent
1 Month agoTF2USGabeNBanAimbot and racism.Permanent
1 Month agoTF2A2REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETBanAimbotPermanent
1 Month agoTF2USGeraldMuteharassment7 days
1 Month agoTF2USPanda_ScoutBanAimbot. (SMAC)Permanent
1 Month agoTF2USLord Touch MeBanWallhackPermanent
1 Month agoTF2USmrjackthegreatMutemic spam24 hours
1 Month agoTF22GaY4UBanharassment and ban evasion 2 weeks
1 Month agoTF2USaufbqbfgldrlfBanAimbotPermanent
1 Month agoTF2USsamkasdikBanAimbotPermanent
1 Month agoTF2USJeffreyMutemic spam24 hours
1 Month agoTF2USTop nepBanAimbotPermanent
1 Month agoTF2CAbestf2surfereverBanAimbotPermanent
1 Month agoTF2USsupermanBanAimbot.Permanent
1 Month agoTF2USalbaniadeleonperezBanLMAOBox detected, goodbye.Permanent
1 Month agoTF2NLGodRiderKickSpam.N/A
1 Month agoTF2NLGodRiderMuteSpam.Removed
1 Month agoTF2NLGodRiderGagSpam.Removed
1 Month agoTF2MXDuckSaucet55BanLMAOBox detected, goodbye.Permanent
1 Month agoTF2CAOatsMutemic spam24 hours
1 Month agoTF2USJohnSilenceracism24 hours
1 Month agoTF2USelielmaesMutemic spam24 hours